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The secret of boosting AdSense Earning

Now Time to increase AdSense Revenue.


The secret of boosting AdSense Earning is High Paying Keywords,
Actually these keywords helps you to increase your Adsense CPC(Cost Per Click).

You may have noticed that Adsense now-a-days is paying very low money by One Click , 

Actually the Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click)  depends upon the Blog Niche and the related high paying keywords.

As a result of increasing CPC(Cost per Click) you will get a huge amount of money from One Click On Google Ads.

Actually sometime Google Ads Cost became to high i.e may be up-to 5$ per Click.

The Secret behind these earning is high paying keywords,so in this regard we have collected some Google Adsense high Paying Keyword,which will certainly increase your AdSense Daily Earning.

Top 5 Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2013
   1.  Insurance $55.91
   2. Mortgage $48.12
   3. Gas/Electricity $53.62
   4. Claim $46.21
   5. Attorney $47.17

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